United States

Country risk

The US has a strong investment grade credit rating. This implies a very low likelihood that it will be unable or unwilling to meet its external debt obligations.

The US business climate is ranked 6th out of 190 economies on the World Bank’s ease of doing business gauge. The US scores in the top quintile across most categories, and markedly outperforms other advanced economies in categories such as getting credit, resolving insolvency and enforcing contracts.

The US scores in the top quartile in almost all areas of governance and outperforms advanced economies in most categories except for political stability and absence of violence and voice and accountability.

The risk of expropriation in the US is low. In the event of expropriation, the law requires fair compensation to the property owner.

Political risk is low. However, political polarisation between and within major parties can make it difficult for the government to implement policies and address long-standing structural issues. Racial and income inequalities contribute to bouts of social unrest and violence.