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Preparing to export

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Growing global: advice from businesses

When speaking with some of our customers, we often ask what their advice would be for other businesses. Here are three tips our...

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Taking on export opportunities: five top tips for Australian SMEs

Whether you’re an experienced exporter or just considering your options, we’re here to ensure that no one takes on the world...

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Innovation: Driving growth in business and export success

Exporting can bring a range of benefits, such as enabling you to bring your products or services to a larger global audience,...

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Building business resilience through diversification

Adapting to change, making product pivots and entering new markets can help build resilience in an unpredictable global...

Developing Your Export Strategy (1920 X 1080 Px)

Developing your export strategy eBook

Some Australian businesses fall into exporting when they win a contract, and many are not prepared for international trade....

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Why working capital matters to your business

Working capital is oxygen for your business – helping you endure revenue gaps and plan for the future. However, if your working...

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Protecting your intellectual property internationally eBook

Whether you have created a new invention, developed an innovate design or brand or a combination of the three, your IP is one of...

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Export for global growth: what you need to know

For Australian businesses, tapping into the export market has the potential to unlock significant opportunities for growth. On a...

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Three things Australian businesses wish they knew before they started exporting

Overseas markets can provide great opportunities for Australian businesses to accelerate their growth. But exporting isn’t for...